We are extremely enthusiastic about being able to bring such an exciting event to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and plan to invest a great deal of effort into creating a seminar series that really engages and excites our attendees. Surrender as noted on this website has taken over the Night Hotel and has classrooms that range from 30 people to 200 people and we fully intend to use all of them!

Our seminar series is currently slated for 81 class spots and 4 different tracks. Each track tailored to skill level, interests and goals. Many conventions have seminars and classes and while there are many great conventions and presenters out there we feel that the format, location, attitude and diversity of our attendees are really going to set the bar high for our seminar series and we are very much looking forward to showing the kinky community something different and unique.


Classes for 2014 are finalized, but please feel free to join us for 2015!

Do you educate and/or speak on topics pertaining to BDSM, Lifestyle or Role-Play?

While presenting are you an energetic and friendly presenter able to engage the audience, grab their attention and answer questions from someone completely new to BDSM and alternative sexualities all the way to a 20 year veteran in our kinky community?

If that sounds like you! We are currently considering applications for our seminar series sponsored by KinkAcademy.com.

If you are interested in being part of September Surrender Please send your bio, experience, and available class list to septembersurrender@gmail.com

Presenter requirements

Able to travel to DFW during the event dates.

At a minimum we ask that each presenter teach 2 classes and we prefer 3 or 4 if possible. As the convention goes forward word gets around the hotel rooms, vendor area and after parties about engaging and energetic presenters and we wish for the attendees to have ample opportunities to experience your class and teachings!

You must be 21 years of age.


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